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Bank Account &
POS Transactions

On One Screen!

Open Banking & Service Banking Platform

Why Obifin?

Üstün Kullanıcı Deneyimi

Superior User Experience

Access your bank account transactions and POS transactions from a single screen on all your devices with our user-friendly interface.

Yüksek Veri Güvenliği

High Data Security

All your data is 100% safe with our infrastructure that complies with Personel Data Protection Law and EV SSL standards.

Muhasebe ve ERP Entegrasyonu

Accounting and ERP Integration

Your bank account transactions and POS transactions are instantly integrated with all accounting and ERP programs.

Güçlü Yapay Zeka

Powerful Artificial Intelligence

Thanks to its smart learning feature, it offers user-specific savings suggestions and an automatic account tracking system.

Detaylı Raporlama

Detailed Reporting

Possibility to report all your payment, collection and expense items (Cash Flow) in EXCEL and PDF.

Join Obifin Now and Start Tracking Your Account Transactions Immediately.

We are a solution partner with Hepsiburada. All sellers on the platform can track their bank account movements via Obifin upon their request.

In addition to API platform and account transactions, we have established a business partnership with Inter-API, which provides innovative services to domestic and foreign companies with over 1000 services.


Within the scope of service model banking via Obifin, you can have all bank services with a single API with our Fintech/Banking as a Service system, create your own Fintech company or create your own finance application.

All Banks & E-money Accounts are in Obifin!

Products and Services

Open Banking

Bank Account


Bulk Payment &
Instruction Creation

Service Model

We Offer You a New Generation Financial Management.

Anlık Nakit Yönetimi

Instant Cash Management

It allows you to manage cash instantly with our detailed dashboard screen and various modules, and moreover, it works integrated with your ERP - Accounting programs.

Kullanıcı veya Departman Bazlı Profil

User or Department Based Profile

Filter your bank accounts and POS based on profile. You can create permissions to correct, delete, create, receive receipts, and view only incoming transactions on a personnel or department basis.

Grup Firma ve Şube Ağı

Group Company and Branch Network

Instantly view the financial transactions of all your companies and branches on a single screen with the multi-company and branch management system.

Detaylı Konsolide Raporlar ve Karşılaştırmalı Grafikler

Detailed Consolidated Reports and Comparative Charts

You can report your bank account movements and POS transactions on a group, branch and company basis, and view liquidity, turnover, collection, payment, expenses, etc. You can make your analysis.

Start Tracking
Your Bank Account

Get our app and start monitoring your accounts immediately.


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